Tab Order on Dynamics CRM 2011 Forms

While I was working with a client, he had a very peculiar requirement related to Tab Order on Dynamics CRM 2011 form.

The default Tab Order in CRM goes from top-to-bottom inside a single section, but the requirement was to convert that tab ordering to go from left-to-right. There is no direct easy way out in CRM 2011 to change this setting.

A quick Google search revealed an easiest and reliable solution to achieve it, a simple script that exactly solves the purpose here.

for (var i = 0; i & lt; crmForm.all.length; i++) {
	var element = crmForm.all[i];
	if (element.tabIndex & amp; & amp; element.tabIndex != "0") {
		if (element.className == 'ms-crm-Hidden-NoBehavior')
		if (element.tagName == 'A') {
			if (element.className != 'ms-crm-InlineTabHeaderText')
		element.tabIndex = 10000 + (i * 10);

But, I kinda hesitated using this script in my CRM 2011 solution mainly because of two very simple reasons

  • CRM 4.0 Syntax (that’s alright, we sure have options to modify it and make it Xrm.Page Object model compatible)
  • Unsupported customization, as Microsoft never recommends modifying DOM directly.

Recommended Approach to change Tab Order

Since the JavaScript DOM modification is out of our list so a new approach is needed. The only supported way of doing it is to make us of sections.
What you need to do is follow a set of steps

  • Create a Section and make sure the 2 options viz “Show the label of this section on the Form”, “Show a line at top of the Section” are not checked (See screenshot below)

    CRM Form Section Properties

  • Inside a single section there should be only two fields, one on the left column and other on the right column, as shown in the screenshot below.

    Section Field Layout

  • Save the Form and Publish the changes.
  • You are done!!

Now when the end-user will open the Form he will not see any changes on the Form, but the tab structure would have now changed from Top-to-bottom to Left-to-Right (See screenshot below for the final output of the steps that we performed)

Final Form Layout

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