Export Failure Rows creates blank Excel sheet CRM 2011

One of my team mate was trying to prepare and import the data for a client and ran into an weird issue.

The import was not successful and had a few failure rows. Now in CRM 2011 we have an option to “Export Failure Rows” which will actually go ahead and export the data of those rows that failed during the import.

To our surprise this feature didn’t export failure rows instead created blank Excel sheet in CRM 2011 which is of no use. So, if you are also running into such issues, no worries, here’s a quick dirty way out.

Solution to Export Failure Rows

There are two things that you must have before proceeding.

  • Import File Name, which you can get it by navigating to Settings >> Imports

    Import Files in CRM

  • Access to SQL database of the organization where your import failed.

Once you have the above, do the following

  • Open up Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and query the database for the following query.
    select importdataidname, * from importlog with (NOLOCK) 
    where importfileidname = 'your-import-file.xml'
    select * from filteredimportlog
    where importfileidname = 'your-import-file.xml'

    Replace the your-import-file.xml with the file name you have handy.

  • The first query will give you the entire data row in the column importdataidname.
  • The second query will tell you why the data row failed in the column additionalinfo.

    SQL Query for Imports

  • So now you can take all the rows that are displayed as the result and create a new CSV file in Excel and try reimporting it.
Note: These queries will return you only rows that have failed to import, so you don’t need to worry about separating the success ones and the failed ones.

So, that’s all you need to do. Let me know in comments below if there anything that I may have missed or you have any concerns or a question that is still stuck right there in you head 🙂