Backspace key does not work CRM 2011 UR17

We recently upgraded one of our Client’s organization to UR17. Everything seemed fine until our Development team noted that Backspace key does not work in CRM 2011 UR17.

This took us by a little surprise. On researching it a bit, it seemed we weren’t the only one to face this small but weird issue. So for all the guys who are scratching your head figuring out what’s wrong with your keyboard, don’t worry it’s not your hardware that is faulty, it’s the CRM.

Scope of the Issue

As far as we could test, this is only limited to Internet Explorer. If you access CRM from any other browser i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.

So here’s how you can get it working again
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“An unexpected error occurred” while opening an Entity View in Dynamics CRM 2011

We had updated to Update Rollup 14 on one of our client organization earlier today and while regression testing came across a weird issue while opening up an Entity View in Dynamics CRM 2011.

An Unexpected Error occurred

I tried looking up in traces and run SQL profiler to try and grab the error but to no avail. Ultimately it turned out that the view had a few columns coming in from antoher entity.

Here is what I did to fix the view

  • Removed all the columns from the View except any one which is from the base entity.
  • Published customizations
  • Added all the columns again to the View
  • Published again

Viola, this just fixed the annoying pop-up that was coming up. Hope this will help a lot of troubleshooting time for many.